Attorney Brian Bregman can provide immediate legal assistance for persons with outstanding bench warrants and arrest warrants in Maryland and the District of Columbia (assistance with quashing and resolving bench warrants and arrest warrants, possibly without needing to turn oneself in or being arrested).

We urge you to make an appointment now for a free consultation if an arrest warrant has been issued for you in the state of Maryland. An arrest warrant is a serious matter which could lead to incarceration and criminal charges if not dealt with immediately. You should not turn yourself in alone, you could end up making the situation worse.

If you failed to appear in court for a scheduled hearing, it is possible that you may have a bench warrant. if the police believe that they have evidence that you committed a crime, then it is possible that you could have an arrest warrant. You may not know that there is a warrant for your arrest until the moment that you are arrested. It is important to contact an attorney to find out the status.